About Me

Colleen (Marquart) Smith

I grew up in a small town in Tennessee, where the most technology-driven course available at my high school was “keyboarding.” From there, I decided to major in Computer Graphics Technology at Purdue University.

I obtained a Master’s of Education from Clemson University in Counselor Education program with an assistantship in housing and residence life in staff training and selection. I started online recruitment initiatives for the graduate program that are still alive today.

I focused mainly in transition and first year experiences in higher education for underrepresented students in STEM. I found my home in grant-funded programs for STEM students at UMBC and UCF, and I used my background to creatively use technology, hypermedia, and graphics to develop programs from the ground up.

I am currently enrolled in a Doctor of Education program at Florida State University in Learning Design and Performance Technologies while in a digital learning position at UCF along side the Ronald E. McNair Scholars program. My position is tasked with ensuring that UCF undergraduates, especially first generation, low income and underrepresented students, who intend to pursue graduate school, have access to resources and opportunities to be a successful graduate school applicant.  In this position, I have launched an online peer mentor program, online structured program, and created online modules to meet the needs of the students.

My unique background and experiences will be an asset for my career. A fresh perspective is the most important tool in innovation. Looking to continually strengthen my knowledge and skills to help those in underrepresented communities, I plan to use my background of learning theory, instructional design, adult development, research, and media skills in the digital learning field.

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