Updated Digital Storytelling for Leaders

I have updated the Peer Mentor Digital Storytelling curriculum from Wikispaces to Google Sites. The reasoning for the update was that Wikispaces was slowly closing down their sites, and I needed a quick way to translate the information and setup. Google Sites is an easy way to setup quick curriculum websites. Unfortunately, there are less […]

e-Portfolio Website

This website displays my work in various forms of media to be integrated into a learning environment. In this particular project, showcasing my knowledge, skills and abilities in instructional design and technology. Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and other instructional design software packages were used in the development of this project. Design template Pure Mix modified from Tooplate. […]

Multimedia Curriculum Example

The website incorporates various forms of media in the learning environment. In this particular project, college students learn how to be successful by learning about and implementing different study and organizational techniques. Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and other instructional design software packages were used in the development of this project.   Web development, curriculum, and technology integration […]

Concept Mapping

Serial Concept Map assignment was worked on throughout the entire semester. Altering between self and peer evaluations, each iteration was improved upon while the lesson of concept mapping was outlined. In the slideshow below, you can see Iterations #1-4 and the final iteration, along with the feedback given between each iteration. The guiding questions was […]

One-Minute for Student Success

This video was created to show the story of a college student that learns how to use an online calendar and mobile reminders to be successful in college. Using one-minute videos helps convey a quick, and strategic message to students in an easily comprehendable minute. My plan is to create a series of one-minute videos […]

Annotated Videos

Through the tool EdPuzzle, I was able to create an assignment for my students in an Introduction to Research course. Learning about how to conduct a literature review is one of the learning outcomes of the course. With the annotated video, knowledge checks were strategically based for maximum engagement with the assignment. Even in higher […]

Connecting with Infographics

The objective of this infographic is to illustrate (in an easily digestible format) that LEARN is a unique experience for a selective LEARNing Community. I was able to create an infographic to help students create a connection with the impact of the LEARN program. Since GenZ students (the generation now entering college) ask a lot […]

Bloom’s Taxonomy and Voki

I broke down the learning objectives with a partner of Voki, a Web 2.0 tool that can be used as an instructional strategy or a learning tool. Voki is a way to give another face or voice to a new topic in the classroom. Check out the references at the bottom of the GoogleDoc to […]

Google Cardboard

To view the Google Cardboard example above, buy a Google Cardboard device, download the mobile app, Google Cardboard, and follow the link in the caption above.  I found a great article from the Journal of Education Technology & Society that described the effects of VR/AR in a Physics classroom (Liou, Yang, Chen, & Tarng, 2017). VR was […]

Photo Filters and Learning

Since I teach introduction to research courses and a large portion of our spring semester curriculum is writing succinctly with a scientific tone, I would utilize a photo editing package to distort a photo for a class activity. As an exercise, I would ask the students to succinctly describe each consecutive photo as the photo […]

Selfies in Learning

The concept of assigning a selfie in class is to make the learning scenario a more authentic experience through social learning (Bandura & Walters, 1977). After reading the ‘ECONSelfie’ article (2016), I discovered that creating a selfie assignment for students to demonstrate their understanding of a topic and create original material ranks in the higher […]

QR Codes and Short URLs

My first idea to use QR codes was for a scavenger hunt on UCF’s campus for students new to the campus to physically explore the campus and learn about the resources by using QR codes at the specific offices (Cauley, 2011). Miller also references scavenger hunts as a normal response as a way to utilize […]

Storytelling in Leadership Development

I created a quick summer curriculum for our student leaders to meta-cognitively reflect on their experiences transitioning to the University of Central Florida. The above link to a WikiSpace is the Curriculum page I created. Below is the outline for the summer project: Setup Assignment –  I run a scholarship program at the University of Central […]

Podcast Series in the Classroom

  Podcast, Episode 1* Computational Thinking in Undergraduate Research –  Previewing   This first podcast introduces the concept of computational thinking in undergraduate research. The podcast series was created for use in the second (spring) semester of a first-year learning community, L.E.A.R.N., created to help first-generation and underrepresented students in STEM get involved in undergraduate […]

Online Tutorial

Video and Audio Editing, Screen Capture and Lesson Composition I created a video tutorial to help prospective transfer students understand the intricacies of credit transfer. In December 2015, I was at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) working on a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation transfer, STEM retention grant. As a pre-transfer STEM advisor […]

Online Recruitment

Google+ Hangouts On Air – Take 2 After using Google+ Hangouts On Air for inter-department training, I had the idea to use the same technology, but for intra-institutional recruitment for the Counselor Education graduate program. Thankfully my position as the Training and Selection GA for University Housing and Dining Services (which had almost half of […]

Blog Posts

Hi, I’m Colleen. I love to create multimedia to support learning. Some of the blog posts you see here are past media projects I have designed for courses or projects for work. Take at look at each to see the various technologies used for each project.

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