Online Meetings

Google+ Hangouts On Air

At Clemson in 2012, as a graduate student, I had a unique experience having an administrative role within University Housing & Dining. I was the first grad to be granted the assistantship for Training & Selection.

In the video below, I was able to train professional staff and graduate students, whose offices reside in multiple areas of the campus, by using Google+ Hangouts On Air. By using this technology, I was able to train staff to conduct interviews for leadership positions within the department.

As you can tell in the first 2 minutes of the video, I was also training staff to use the technology while we were using it. This training was put online in order to help save time from meetings and walking across campus. The beauty of On Air Hangouts was that it would automatically be available after “filming” so that those staff members that could not make the meeting timeslot, would still get the same training.



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