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I created a video tutorial to help prospective transfer students understand the intricacies of credit transfer. In December 2015, I was at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) working on a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation transfer, STEM retention grant.

As a pre-transfer STEM advisor to prospective UMBC students, I found myself answering the same question: “The courses that I’ve taken, what do they count as at UMBC?”

In the state of Maryland, there are transfer equivalencies set up for each course at each institution. It can become a daunting task to a student trying to take the exact amount of classes for the least time to degree. So I created a video to point students in the direction to find their own answers so that they become advocates for themselves before, during and after transfer.


This video covers online resources to utilize when planning to transfer credits. For the most updated information regarding course equivalencies, always consult with the Registrar’s Office at your prospective institution.

Pre-Transfer STEM Advising program from the t-STEM Initiative ( presents “Online Group Information Sessions” for prospective UMBC STEM students.

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